• Provide exact dimensions and/or design drawing for custom furniture orders, or approve drawings by company prior to production.
  • Provide a written P.O. (purchase order) with complete specifications when ordering furniture or fabric, or sign a P.O. provided by the showroom with complete specifications
  • Select finish and provide all COM/COL (customer's own material / customer's own leather) to initiate production of furniture in a timely manner
  • Review all information on supplier's Acknowledgement for furniture and fabric orders and make necessary changes to Acknowledgement in writing immediately upon receipt
  • Any change to an order after 2 working days may result in change order fee
  • Approve all finish samples and fabric cuttings requested for approval in a timely manner and mail back to company
  • Inform the ultimate client of accurate lead times and status of orders as production proceeds
  • Assume all responsibility for selection, client interaction and showroom communication


  • Purchase at Designers Net Price, noting applicable up charges for detail, if any
  • Deposit 50% to initiate order and pay the balance due including all tax and shipping charges, if any prior to delivery. If using a tax resale number to order tax exempt, designer assumes responsibility to collect tax from ultimate client or user and remit to state and must provide copy of resale certificate to showroom or company
  • Orders are not cancelable after placed & product is not returnable
  • Read back of showroom or supplier P.O. or acknowledgement form to note any other terms of sale and warranties of supplier as to quality, etc.


In order to avoid sales tax charges, you must submit a certificate of resale form for the state(s) in which you do business & submit a copy of your certificate of registration.


Bill of Lading (BOL)

A document issued by a Vendor or a freight carrier to a shipper that lists and acknowledges receipt of goods for transport and specifies terms of delivery to a designated party. The Bill of Lading describes the conditions under which the goods are accepted by the carrier and details the nature and quantity of the goods, name of the vessel if shipped by sea, identifying marks and numbers, destination, etc. The person sending the goods is referred to as "Shipper" or "Consignor." The company or agent transporting the goods is "Carrier." The person for whom the goods are destined is "Consignee."

Blanket Certificate of Resale

A clause in the Certificate of Resale signed by the Customer that states that all purchases made from the identified seller are for resale. A Blanket Certificate of Resale may also specify that a percentage of the purchases made from the identified seller be for resale. This clause allows for the Certificate of Resale to be applied to repeat sales. See "Certificate of Resale."

Blanket-Wrap Shipping

A shipping method wherein product is wrapped in padding material, e.g., a shipping blanket, in preparation for shipping.

Certificate of Resale

A state-issued certificate the Customer is required to provide as proof that no tax is due on any sale that is made tax-free as a "sale for resale". Refer to the company's Sales Tax Policy. See "Final Destination Form."

Change Order Fee, including Cancellation

An additional fee charged to a Customer when a Sales Order's specification is changed or an Order is cancelled.


In reference to both leather and textiles, this term refers to the specific color of a pattern or a quality.

Consignment / Sample Sold Off The Floor

ERINN V. items displayed in Showrooms that are sold off the Showroom floor. ERINN V. policy requires payment in full.

Crating Fee

A fee charged to a Customer for product that is padded and custom-boxed for shipping.

Custom Drawing

A drawing or sketch of a custom product provided to a Customer by ERINN V. Drawings typically illustrate significant product dimensions and product structure. See "Drawing For Approval."

Custom Quote

A Sales Quote for a custom product. Such a quote is typically obtained via a Showroom Salesperson contacting the ERINN V. Custom Product Coordinator or the Represented Vendor for feasibility, availability and pricing.

Customer's Own Leather (COL)

Leather purchased by a Customer and sent to ERINN V. to be applied to an ERINN V. product.

Customer's Own Material (COM)

Fabric purchased by a Customer and sent to ERINN V. to be applied to Make To Order product.

Customer's Own Pick Up

A method of shipment that stipulates the Customer will contract delivery services directly with a carrier/shipper rather than requesting that ERINN V. do so. The carrier/shipper invoices the Customer directly.

Drawing For Approval (DFA)

A drawing of a custom Item that is provided to a Customer by ERINN V. for approval prior to production. The drawing illustrates significant product dimensions and product structure.

Dye Lot

A production-lot identifier associated with fabric or leather. Multiple products may share a dye lot identifier that indicates they were manufactured in the same batch. Product color may vary slightly between production batches. See also "Cutting For Approval."

Estimated Completion Date (ECD)

The date that an item is scheduled for completion and ready for shipment.

Fabric Mill

A production facility where fabric is manufactured by a fabric Vendor.

Freight Carrier

The shipping company that transports product from ERINN V. workrooms and other ship-to-address locations.

Freight Charge

The charge billed to a Customer for shipping product to a ship-to address.

Handling Fee

A fee that is usually associated with a freight or storage company transferring an ERINN V. product from a workroom to a holding location, or warehouse. This term is also used in reference to a fee charged to a Customer for ERINN V. arranging shipping using the Customer's account with their selected carrier.

Inside Delivery

A type of delivery in which product is delivered and installed at the end user's location, a.k.a. "White Glove Service."

Net Price

The selling price of a product charged to a trade professional, i.e. designer, architect, or Specifier, by a Showroom. "Net Price" is also referred to as "Designer Discount Price" or "Wholesale Price."

Order Acknowledgement

The document provided by a Salesperson and given to the Customer confirming receipt of the Customer Purchase Order or a Customer-signed Sales Quote and receipt of monies per ERINN V. policy, i.e. Pro Forma or Payment in Full, depending on the product. It also confirms the Item's readiness to begin production. An Order Acknowledgement indicates any missing criteria required for production.

Order Balance

The remaining amount due on a Sales Order, i.e., Total Price + Freight + Handling + Sales Tax – Customer Deposit Payment(s) = Order Balance.

Order Deposit

The dollar amount a Customer must pay in order to originate a Sales Order. Per ERINN V. policy, an Order typically requires a deposit of 50% of the Net Price (excluding Freight and Sales Tax), while Fabrics are 100%.

Packing Slip

A document that accompanies a shipment, pallet or smaller unit that describes its contents and quantities and typically references the Order number(s) involved.

Payment In Full (PIF)

The 100% payment required for Fabrics, Quick-Ship and Rush-Ordered product, a.k.a. "Paid in Full."

Price List

Product specification and pricing information provided by ERINN V.

Production Lead Time

The time required from receipt of a Confirmed Customer Acknowledgement and its production requirements (COM [Customer Owned Material], SFA [Sample for Approval], DFA [Drawing for Approval]) to product delivery.

Pro Forma

The sales terms that specify the payment(s) a Customer must make before product is shipped.

Proof Of Delivery (POD)

The document signed by the receiver that indicates the quantity and apparent condition of the goods received.


This term refers to the Customer who pays for Items purchased by the Specifier.

Receiving Warehouse

A Customer-specified shipping location where the product will be received and inspected before final delivery at the installation site.

Sales Order

A written document requesting that ERINN V. supply a product made according to the Customer's specifications and requiring either a 50% deposit payment or 100% payment in full, depending on the product.

Sales Quote

A verbal or written communication given to a Sell-to Customer that advises product specification, quantity and pricing and is valid for a limited time (per ERINN V. policy, up to 30 days after a Sales Quote is originated). It can be converted to a Sales Order upon acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Sale as well as receipt of monies per ERINN V. policy, i.e., Pro Forma or Payment in Full, depending on the product quoted.

Sample For Approval (SFA)

A finish sample provided to a Customer by ERINN V. for approval prior to production. Be advised if an Order requests an SFA, the Order can be held up until it’s returned to ERINN V. with Client signature on back.


Designer or end-user identification information noted on the Sales Order, e.g., “Kennedy/Guest Bedroom/Side Table."

Starting Date

The date printed on the Order Acknowledgement indicating the date from which the Ending Date/Estimated Completion Date is calculated.

Storage Fee

A per diem fee charged to the Customer for product requiring storage due to an outstanding balance more than 60 days after the Balance Due Notice was issued.

Tear Sheet

A document that includes a product image and description and is provided by ERINN V. to a Customer.

To The Trade

This term is used to describe the wholesale relationship between Showrooms and trade professionals, i.e. designers, architects, and Specifiers.